So should i get a gb xbox 360 in these times?

So should i get a gb xbox 360 in these times?


So during e3 this year things like the wii u and the playstation vita were announced.

Im afraid that this will make developers make new consoles so im wondering if i should wait or go and buy a new xbox or just wait for the next gen consoles.

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  1. Up to you. Doesn’t matter how long you wait. There will always be another version after the one you buy. So I say just buy now.

  2. Microsoft will most likely be trying to take these systems and top them with its own invention, much like how kinect came to be. You can probably buy one of these systems, and by the time Microsoft comes out with theirs, you can afford that, too.

  3. I wouldn’t expect a new Xbox (or Playstation) console for 2-4 years, so you’re fine getting one now.

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