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Sony Internet TV | Set Up Your Sony Internet TV


Sony Internet TV | Set Up Your Sony Internet TV

Sony Internet Player with Google TV (NSZ-GS7)


  1. I can't find the HboGo & Showtime anytime channels to add to my streaming. Does anyone know how I can connect my smart tv to my Hbo & Showtime accounts?

  2. can i conect to multinet setter in without wi -fi other seemcard in may dongle usb

  3. Sony Tvds are rubbish for internet tv,Bought a Sony dongle , not cheap.Got the internet for one month.Then the stupid machine refuses to work,Tried loading the set up lie above vid.No bloody good.DO NOT BUY SONY>CRAP>

  4. my Blu-ray player stop working after 13 month will not read the disk. will cost me 245.00 to replace it by sony. do anyone know where a repair shop is in palmdale, ca.?

  5. On the on-screen keypad at 1:15, you will see two arrow buttons. Click on it and you will get to another screen from where you can select more symbols to enter, including hyphens.

  6. All very well and good Bozo, but how do I input a hyphen? Why oh why do you not think of all possibilities….

  7. Sony inter net Tv is shit , don't get it it don't work , better off get a note book with wifi much cheaper and it works

  8. WORST PURCHASE EVER. Google does not support many other platforms now like HBO GO, Hulu, Crackle, Sling TV, and many more. All you can use is Google TV App to watch videos. I'm praying for Class Action Suit against Google for their TV products.

  9. I want to know how to use the remote to put subtitles for movies that ain't spoken in English. Please help. Thanx

  10. Hi Maarten! good video, can you tell me which is the app or how can i access to the Change Scene selection you show in your video?. Regards!

  11. I have this device. The NSZ-GS7's snappy operation is quite impressive, but you will soon find that some things don't work right. If you use this to pass-through your TV/STB, do not set it for quick start-up 'cause it will eventually freeze since quick-start means that it doesn't ever shut down. I got this specifically for the DLNA playback ability coupled with hdmi pass-through. That way, I can just throw things onto the screen from my phone, tablet, or laptop while watching regular TV/STB without having to set it up or switch inputs before hand. DLNA playback works without a hitch at first, but your playback device will eventually get blocked when new devices show up on your network. Then you go into settings to unblock them(or just your intended device) and if a new device show up again it still blocks all devices. Even if you uncheck the discover and allow new devices setting, then set to allow your intended device, it will eventually block all devices again. The settings for DLNA playback is in this player's native media player app, which operates in some other incomplete or broken ways. For example: When you play a list of still images from a device, it plays a blank screen before every next image. I don't even know of anything else that does that. Maybe if I use a different app for still images. Another example: When playing media using some other media player apps, they will CONVENIENTLY return the player back to TV when playback ends. The NATIVE media player app DOESN'T!!? :( Unless you switch it back manually, it's set to go to standby which will pass the TV/STB right through, BUT that takes a whole 30 minutes and you can't set the timing lower than that. This crap from a device that has the convenience of hdmi pass-through specifically for TV! }:-[] Arrrgh!!! Why don't I just use a different media player app? Answer: you have to put up with the inconvenience of setting it up every-time and every app does things differently. Example: I tried Plex and Plex needs a Plex server which has to be installed on every device you want to play from. Most of my media content is on a HDD connected to my router 'cause I don't want it on my desktop running as a media server 24/7. If I put everything on my computer, I would have to leave it on all the time. That's not convenient! I'm stuck with the native media player app if I want the little bit of ergonomic convenience that it offers. I don't want to have to do extra stuff just to get content onto my screen. Why don't everyone who make media player devices just copy XBMC or at least ask HTPC enthusiasts how to do this?

  12. I didn't use the IR blaster. I had to get an av to HDMI adapter and I think that's the reason why all the functions are not working properly because on my receiver it doesn't have the HDMI output. I think I'm going to have to change my receiver.

  13. I try to use the Sony Google TV with my bell receiver and it didn't work properly. The TV guide doesn't show up. I noticed on the video you use Bell TV. You wouldn't happen to know which receivers are compatible mine is 4100. Thanks

  14. great review thanks for the input! just ordered a refurb model of this device which is 2 years later after this review and from what i have seen her , 2 years ago, it looks pretty  good! so i am hoping in 2014 the product has been upgraded with new software with more improvements!

  15. Can i connect an external hard drive with movies and videos on it and watch it through the sony player?

  16. Thanks. You told me everything I wanted to know about the player. Going to buy one tomorrow.

  17. So are you able to stream/watch videos from sites such as putlocker, solarmovie, gorrilavid etc ?

  18. does the browser supports flash player?
    can i watch a online streaming of a basketball game for example?

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