Sony PlayStation 4 Review

Sony PlayStation 4 Review


Sony PlayStation 4 Review

PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 3: Graphics


  1. Oh everybody is saying he did a great job and stated everything the ps4 is capable of in this 3 and a half minute video…. Must not be able to do much.

  2. Am I the only one that thinks the ps4 design is hideous? And I also find it really boring, the Xbox can do so much I don't get why they're hating on it. Must be because all you Ps fuckboys are jealous.

  3. I have own my play my PlayStation in 2006 and I will never think a difference game and system other then playstation

  4. Hate or love it Microsoft gaming experience has just been better in my experience over the years of playing them all.

  5. You know something, +PhoneDog (More so @MarcoHanna) this review would be outstanding only if it were realistic. You are passing judgement on the XBox One and have yet to review it. How are you able to form such an opinion? However, it is very clear to me that you my friend completely hate any Microsoft product that has been pushed out or waiting to be pushed out. At least give it a chance before forming a review that pretty much trashes the XBox One. If you are going to do a dogfight then WAIT FOR THE OTHER PRODUCT TO BE RELEASED…..seriously. I own a PS4 and will be happier to own the XBox One upon release tomorrow. I have Google products (Android, etc), Apple products (iphone 5s, ipod classic-which is still the best) & Microsoft products (Surface 2, Surface Pro, Nokia Lumia 1520, 1020 and the 925, XBox 360) My point is that each of these products has it's high and lows, that's the point of having healthy competition. So to keep it short (as I have done to the point lol) do not try and push a review out that pretty much sides with your personal choice. Publish a review that you have had the chance of evaluating each product involved then name the pros & cons of each product without bashing the other. Then you simply let the consumer decide. That is what a Tech Review should be about.

  6. I only want xbox for the black ops 2 lol. Not really anymore cause i wont have my stats

  7. 90% PS4 fanboys will be happy and will want to smash every xbox in existence, 5% of xbox fanboys will be sad and get a PS4, and another 5% will say this video is fair even though they are both great consoles, so stop fighting!

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