Star Ocean (HD): The Last Hope Gameplay and Review!!!

Star Ocean (HD): The Last Hope Gameplay and Review!!!


Star Ocean (HD): The Last Hope Gameplay and Review!!!


  1. thank you for the review, it made me want this game so bad, even though it has really long cut scenes and annoying characters, i'm sure i'll get used to it over time


  3. The voices are indeed annoying but it was certainly one of the reasons it made me love this game lol. Its unforgetable!!

  4. great review! i played most of star ocean games that were released. you should try the first and the second

  5. which is better this or tales of vesperia bc i loved tales of symphonia for the gamecube i would like to get baten kaitos origins but it's expensive i played the first one that came out but never got to beat it.

  6. Looks like teen emo shit! 3D crap… i wish me more nice games in 2D Retro Style! Who need 3D? i was very happy with 2D Secret of Mana and Terranigma!

  7. I'm ADHD as fuck, and I don't know whether or not I'm the only one who prefers Turn-Based RPGs as opposed to Action RPGs. In my opinion it allows for further thought into exactly what you want your party to do and how to minimize damage instead of having to think on the fly in order to die. Maybe that gets you more immersed into the gameplay, but I just have never been able to really get into it.

  8. Arc rise Fantasia and this are basically niche game for ppl like me the va and story may be bad but they both have good battle systems

  9. Star Ocean Til The End of Time is the best rpg game on ps2 ever. Ima try this and hope for the same……

  10. I don't know why it seems like no one likes long cutscenes and story sequences. I honestly would not play any of these games without them. Long introductions help me actually care about the character I'm controlling and the things that I have to accomplish right off the bat (tutorials, etc). I don't like being thrown into tutorials in a game where I don't know anything about who I'm controlling or why I am where I am.

    I really hope all the cut-scene complaints don't convince developers to cut back on putting them in games.

  11.  Not one of the best JRPG/RPG games I've ever played. I much prefer Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time to this or any other games in the series. Personally I think that you're comparing the game too much to Final Fantasy and other JRPGs. You should have something to compare it to, but the Star Ocean series is so different from other entries that it's a little ridiculous to keep comparing them. Otherwise, I thought it was an honest and very good review, if I had to rate the game on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 6.5 or 7/10, solely for the reason of the lengthy cut scenes, annoying character voices, and for a lack of character design.

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