SVGR – WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 (XBOX 360)

SVGR – WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 (XBOX 360)


SVGR - WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 (XBOX 360)


  1. People hated this game, I didn't play 07 and 08 at the time of release however, it was one of my first 360 titles, I pretty much played 06 for a long time and then 07 on the ps2 also. I enjoyed the road to wrestlemania modes and felt as if it played well if it not be a little bit easy ( I was like 8/9 probably had it on the lowest setting or something dumb) . I loved the tribute to the troops arena and WrestleMania 24 had a cool design so I enjoyed the little things like that. I couldn't really compare 07 to it as it was on ps2 and I had 08 on wii which is completely different. For what it was I just found it a fun game, I didn't like SvR 2010 but liked 2011 because TLC matches felt really fluid on it. After 2010 I think they've all been good. Although 2k15 felt slightly bare bones which is excusable for a switch to a new console generation.

  2. man do you have ps2 copy of raw vs ssmackdown 2009 . Were can I buy a copy of svr 2009 on ps2

  3. I miss story modes and GM modes like this one and previous ones in the new wwe games I swear I hate the universe mode it feels boring no story to it I miss the ones that gave u a story and u can change the story depending on what choices u make they need to bring that back for 2k18

  4. How can the graphics in this game be pretty good and still hold up well, but WWE 12's graphics look so shitty

  5. My favorite game when it comes to Tag Team and season mode this game was better then 08

  6. The worst thing about the game was the 5 save slots for the 6 RTWM stories. Good one, THQ.

  7. I'm playing this game for the first time so is just me or the finishers are weaker than an anorexic bitch fart? Four finishers to put someone down is just ridiculous!!!

    Also, Zombie Santino?! WTF?

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