The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Spring 2017 | New Games Coming...

The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Spring 2017 | New Games Coming Soon on PS4 Xbox One PC


The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Spring 2017 | New Games Coming Soon on PS4 Xbox One PC

A Walk in the Dark coming soon to Xbox One and Windows 10


  1. 14:10 Came.

    Now that is what the fuck I'm talking about! That's the kinda air attack shit i wanna see in future Battlefield Games! Boom boom boom Michael bay type shit! Real action type shit lmao~

  2. You know what the industry needs right now? 6 or 7 shooters and a bunch of clone remakes of other games. Ship it.

  3. Subscribe for weekly content and some Sea of Thieves in the future!! That games looks awesome XD

  4. what a waste of time. how is it that in 2017 there practically no new innovative and interesting games? all I see are copies or half finished alphas that the cheap developers will undoubtedly sell as we wait for the next ten years for them to complete it cough… cough dayz

  5. the fuck is wrong with people friday the 13th game is pretty cool why did no one talk about it… its not a $60 game right?

  6. Well pretty much garbage execpt the unchartd the lost legacy which should be amazing. Surprised that tekken 7 isnt here.

  7. Uncharted one plays

    'Ugg, they're gonna spam them now."

    Uncharted one ends

    'Holy crap I need this game…"

  8. Can you plz do a update that way that if you go in settings, it will say you need to go to family settings

  9. Guys if i buy a kinect because i buying xbox one s for 15 days how i can get free adapter for it because its overpriced in my country and discounts r impossible on these things, i would love to get it free because its Xbox mistake because you not made a kinect stick!

  10. After buying my xbone one it felt like a walk in the dark with the amount of people that are online

  11. Can you plz that way kids or people could not delete there profile so do a update with that on Sunday

  12. if you can just get scale bound again .. that would just be so nice,, instead of throwing these games that I'll not spend my time or money on, we are in 2017 ,, and this a 95 game with good visuals.
    so please, make us proud than we are an Xbox fans…

  13. These characters are exactly like the ones in Fran Bow, her cat Mr Midnight and the Monster

  14. Hi Xbox
    We want new additions for Forza Horizon 3

    Kia Optima and Cadenza 2017

    And the Honda Accord 2017

    And the Hyundai Sonata 2017

    And the Lexus 570 2017

    The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 and the Camry 2017

    And the Chevrolet Cruze 2017

    And GMC Sierra 2017

    Please accept my request

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