The PS4 Can Play PS2 Games!

The PS4 Can Play PS2 Games!


Sony confirms that the PS4 is getting an PS2 emulator which allows the PS4 to play the colossal library of the PS2.

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The PS4 Can Play PS2 Games!

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  1. As of the day of me posting this video new news to the PS4 playing PS2 games has come out. ( FML)
    Here are some highlights
    1. Trophy Support ( I'm not joking )
    2. They are up rendered to 1080p
    3. And yes…. you most rebuy them on the PSN store ( No disk support ) :)
    Here is a video that explains it all :

  2. I love Ben 10 Protector Of The Earth! I used play it when I was little and had so much fun!

  3. ps4 stopped the ps2 or older systems being able to be played simply because people would buy the new system, but only play the older games on them. Which is stupid on both sides. Now they are only doing this emu crap? What the hell? I just want to be able to take my ps2 disc and play them on the ps4. Sigh.

  4. Your wrong, these games are digital downloads around $15 each on average, it was false advertising

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