watch dogs or Wolfenstein The New Order PS4?

watch dogs or Wolfenstein The New Order PS4?


Let me start off by saying that Im asking about PS4 games not xbox one or PC so please try not to include either system into your answer.

Ok so I’m going to be getting a new game for my PS4 (finally. Talk about a game drought!) And I’ve narrowed it down to these two games.

I really like the Wolfenstein series but it seems like this is just not going to be a hit for gamers. People just aren’t making a big deal about it. I also want a game that will last and I won’t beat the same day. ( not sure how long the game is.)

I heard many good things about watch dogs and I also heard that they are downgrading the graphics pretty badly. I also dont know how long the game will be and since its a new series I don’t know if it will be a masterpeice or a flop.

What do you think I should pick up in may? Thanks for any answers that do not include PC, or xbox.


  1. Honestly, I would wait until they both release and then read some reviews. Watch Dogs looks like it will be great (dont think they are downgrading graphics too much, only for the PS3). Never played Wolfenstien. Just wait and read reviews.

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