Wheel Of Fortune Free Play Cheats – UNLIMITED FREE DIAMONDS HACK

Wheel Of Fortune Free Play Cheats – UNLIMITED FREE DIAMONDS HACK [iOS | Android]


Wheel Of Fortune Free Play Cheats - UNLIMITED FREE DIAMONDS HACK [iOS | Android]

Hey, sorry about the audio and video quality, I had to dig this video out of a grave it’s so old!!
Btw, I’m starting on a new cartoon for you guys so dont get your knickers too tied up while you wait 😉 Peace out!
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Man Breaks The Wheel of Fortune!! (FULL VIDEO)


  1. Installed 1 app and checked wheel of fortune, nothing….installed 2nd app and wow it really worked! 999999 diamond my god!

  2. Didn't work at first and I thought it was scam. But I installed a second app and it worked like a magic.. oh boy!

  3. just got diamonds added on my iphone. so can confirm, it does work. thanks for this incredible share

  4. No he didn't cheat and they shouldn't have given him the surprise since the rule is the spin is what counts, not something that happens afterward. But Pat Sajak said it was ok, and he has the right to override. It was out of your dad's hands. Otherwise he's a good puzzle guesser. I've always been terrible at wheel of fortune.

  5. he never cheated an was honest to a fault in his reaction…the show just went with it..good times for all..its  just a game show folks..

  6. My thought is no he did not cheat. If nothing else, they could've edited it to where he got $550 for his guess of the letter "D." Especially since they don't show the wheel afterwards. Kind of like how they edit to where they don't show Pat hitting Bankrupt on the final spin.

  7. oh I miss 90's Wheel of Fortune tbh I don't know I don't think he did but it happened on purpose so……………I just don't know!

  8. No. Despite the fact that he hit the table (which caused the wheel to move), I don't think he intended to cheat.

  9. Its only cheating if its against the rules. Was there any rule saying you can't pound on the console like that? I dunno, I've never seen the rules. I suspect there was no such rule as the game show allowed it to happen. If that is the case, no cheating happened.

  10. Hey bryokyo, It's not Your dads fault they make their set cheap! Besides, I have seen in the past where when Wheel adds people winnings to new total where they rip off the player! by short changing them, I kid You not! Either they didn't know how to add, or they put the shaft to winner!
    If Wheel did make a mistake and made up the difference or not, who knows?
     Kinda like Pat, always has his hands resting on the small wheel at the end of the game when it spends, and comes to a stop! Kinda reminds me of a roulette wheel You see in tv shows where the person wins and then the person running the wheel kicks a lever under the table, and wallah, the ole boy that won, all of a sudden losses! But, It may just me? But I don't think so!!!

  11. First of all, your dad looks like a socially retarded geek. The wheel itself is 2500 lbs and that rubber clicker was on the nail about ready to go over to the surprise prize and your father did not know what would have happened if he tapped on the table. It was legit.

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