Where can i get a PS3 that plays PS2 games?

Where can i get a PS3 that plays PS2 games?


Im looking for a PS3 in Kansas City Moussori with backwards compatibility with PS2 but i dnt kno where to get one any suggestions?

It has to have Wi-Fi and play PS2 games.

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  1. Only the 20g, 60g and 80g bundled with Metal Gear Solid or Motorstorm can play PS2 games. I would check Craigslist or Ebay.

  2. The only PS3 that is backwards compatible and can play PS2 games is the 40GB ‘fat’ PS3. Unfortunately, those type of PS3’s are not manufactured anymore. So, the only way to get one is to find a used one somewhere such as Ebay or Gamestop maybe.

  3. you would have to get a older 60 gig but the only thing with that is that there old some half of them are on there last leg

  4. I think the old ones (the fat ones) are backwards compatible, not sure about the slims though.

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