Which one Ps3 or PSP GO?

Which one Ps3 or PSP GO?



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  1. buy PS3 instead of PSP go. i get one of PSP go for free. to be honest it is useless. the screen is smaller than PSP 3000. it is not comfortable in ur hand when u play game. The battery died really quick. and you can’t have any spares battery. Buy PS3, PSP or XBOX360

  2. dude. ps3. it’s so much more fun. i have both and a psp go. is like. going from Nintendo DSi to a Nintendo DSi lite. GAH. dont do it. the ps3 is so much more worth it.

  3. ps3 its way better, better games, graphics online, internet browser, its a power house. if u buy a pspgo instead of a ps3 than it will be the worst desicion of ur life

  4. to be honest, i mean buy a ps3, that way when you’re outside, you won’t be wasting your time with a psp go when you could be appreciating nature or something =P

  5. why the hell would you buy a psp go? it almost costs the same as a new ps3 slim. dumbest idea of your life if you buy one. buy the original psp if anything. ps3>psp>psp go

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