Which Ps3 game to get? Help please?

Which Ps3 game to get? Help please?


Hi, I am going to get a new ps3 game , I don’t know which one to get , I like action games

Here is the games I already have :

1- Modern Warfare 2

2- Killzone 2

3- Uncharted 2

4- Metal Gear Solid 4

5- Unreal Tournament 3

6- Gta IV

7- Pes 2008

and Yeah Don’t tell me Resistance series I don’t like them

please give me a list and I like the games which have online but if the story is long and good it’s ok

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  1. I would recommend these.

    Heavy Rain- The demo was amazing

    Aliens vs Predator (2010 version)- demo was awesome

    Batman Arkham Asylum- Great action plus if you get it for PS3 you get to play as joker as well

    GTA 4 episodes from liberty city- It comes out next month for PS3, but I had it for 360 so I know what to expect

    Saints Row 2

  2. Bioshock 2 – Great story, not great online but still fun

    InFamous – Cool superhero-type game

    Ratchet and Clank Future – they may seem childish but they are extremely entertaining regardless of how old you are

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 (March 2nd) – i’ve played the demo and ithe online is awesome and the campaign looks really cool. It won’t top MW2 (in my opinion) but it will still be a great game

    God of War 3 (March 16) – a great action game that every PS3 owner must get. its one of the reasons why I bought a PS3

  3. Out of those 7, I will list the top 4 on what kind of games you like.

    1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Great online. Long story. Seems-Like-Its-Real action game.

    2. GTA IV. Long story. Amazing online. Very nice action.

    3.Killzone 2. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME STORY! ok online. Great action.

    4. Modern warfare 2. Very short story. BEST ONLINE EVER! AWESOME ACTION!!

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