Why are so many people getting banned from Xbox live this month?

Why are so many people getting banned from Xbox live this month?



  1. You mod your console to play burned games. You cut sales for that game and they ban your console. FML.

  2. no thats not what happened. for the last six months microsoft has been developing their mod detection software, and on halloween they pinned ppl with modded consoles, deleted their tags and marked their console, which means the only way they can get back on live is to buy another console

  3. Well my friend got his Xbox shut down for moding it. Microsoft shut it down. Cant even play Halo OFFLINE. so maybe flashing.

  4. People had modern warfare and was playing online and even prestiging before the game even hit stores and they got flagged by microsoft and kicked off.idk if the modding has anything to do with it.

  5. ppl got banned for not modded the console right,or not steath patching there games.

    Im on live everyday for hours playing mw2 and madden 10,yes burnt copies with no problems.those who got banned must not of known what they were doing.LOL

  6. Because they modded their console and played games WAY too far in advance.

    Playing games in advance isn’t necessary to get banned, but it sure makes it a lot easier for microsoft to spot them.

    Note that it must be an illegal copy of a game. If you just buy a legit copy early, that’s not your fault.

  7. Because they have been Modding their consoles to play pirated games, and Microsoft don’t like that!

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