Why do people make such a big deal that xbox live isn’t...

Why do people make such a big deal that xbox live isn’t free?


I mean it’s $60 a year, I don’t know anyone who can’t save up $60 in a year.


  1. Because PS3 is the poor man’s entertainment which provides no security(they were hacked twice last year!), also there are a lot of brats playing!! Parents buy it for their children that are too big for their shoes!! At least with Xbox that regulates or discourages brats and their parents for paying for the service!! Also odds are better that you’ll meet more mature people that will also have a better skill level!! Matchmaking is also faster!! And Xbox has released a free online game that is hopefully one in a long line of free games for people that pay subscriptions to xbox live gold!!

  2. Ps3 80gigs 200$

    Xbox 4 gigs 200$ wtf is up with that

    U already got ripped the fk off and then u gotta pay extra 60$ every year just to get ripped off by microsofts selfish a$$ and u also need a fkin gold membership to use the fkin YouTube app wtf

  3. Because Playstation Network is free and that sorry excuse of internet multiplayer for Wii is free. (Does anybody even play Wii anymore?)

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