wich ps3 should i get?

wich ps3 should i get?


So i have an xbox and am looking to sell it to get a ps3. But im wondering which one to get?

With the new slim and all the different sizes its hard to choose. I saw a 250 gb slim for around 300 and the same price for a regular 80gb. I am so confused. Can you tell me what is the best system for the price and should it be slim or regular and what size gb? HELP!!

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  1. The only new ones that you can get are the 120 GB for $299 or the 250GB for $349. But you can also get refurbished ones at gamestop.com. You can get a 40 GB for $229 an 80 GB with 4 USB ports for $299 an 80 GB for $249 and a 60 GB with PS2 backwards compatibility for $349. I would go with the 40 GB for $229 but thats my opinion. Go with what you want.

  2. for me the better the ps3 slim, because in this version the error of yellow light went repaired

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