WSC Real 2009: Review :World Snooker Championship(XBOX360)

WSC Real 2009: Review :World Snooker Championship(XBOX360)


This the review of WSC Real 09 for the xbox 360 the has 32 of the top players in the world .The games also has the world 8-ball pool championship,it has various modes added ,trickshot challenges.
World snooker championship 09 is a solid and fun game that will keep hardcore snooker and pool fans happy.

WSC Real 2009: Review :World Snooker Championship(XBOX360)

WSC Real 09 PC Gameplay (147 Break)


  1. The cue ball will ALWAYS travel further than the black aim aid spot when screwing back so you need to compensate for this by having a shorter position. It'll then roll to where you wanted it. This game can actually lie at times!!! Watch his shot from the brown onto the blue for this lie.

  2. is there really wsc 09 for pc? are you maybe using an emulator? if anyone knows a link for this game (pc version) please respond.i will be very thankfull! 😀

  3. That damn positional spot destroyed any luck or chance in a break, I'm glade Blade are no more they singlehandedly managed to fuck up one of the best games ever

  4. Well done!
    I wonder how do you get this camera-view. I also play the game on the PC, but I can't change the camera perspective from ego-Modus to that what you have here. Do you have any tipps?

  5. GO and make a break of 147 on 2003 snooker then tell me challenge in this snooker everything is clear let see on 2003 your 147 break

  6. yeah it does have a positional aid on it which certaunlt helps but you do need to build it up a bit if you want it to be signicantly usefyl as like the Aiming aid it's not 100% accurate you have to build up your players stats as you progress through the gane

  7. omg this seems really very easy, I played wsc 2004 after a few years and it was incredibly difficult and I freaked out all the time, because I always lost position(!!!!!!!!)

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