xbox 360 cheap?!*pleas a.s.a.p*?

xbox 360 cheap?!*pleas a.s.a.p*?


hey guys and girls

i have a great del (i think) for an xbox 360

it has

* Xbox 360 Pro console

* 1 Draadloze Controller

* Gears of War 2

* Far cry 2

* Grand Theft Auto IV

* Halo 3

* Harde schijf 60GB

* Headset

* HD AV Cable (met SCART adapter)

* Ethernet kabel

* HMDI-uitgang

it’s from a dutch company so that’s why some word’s are weird

and i can bbuy it for 369 cash 😛 is that cheap or not (btw i am dutch myself to)

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  1. Try to find on ebay that has the ring of death, then call microsoft before bidding to see if it’s still under warranty. If it is buy, call MS for free repair and in about two weeks you have a 360 for dirt cheap

  2. That’s an awesome deal! What site? lol.

    Whatever currency its in, its a great deal – all those games are worth 50$ (£40 if your in England), so that’s $250 for the games and only $119 for the console, hard-drive, HDMI cable, need I go on?

    Get it. You won’t regret it.

  3. What currency are you talking about? Dollar? Euros? Dutch?

    If it’s dollars, it’s a good deal but I would be wary of it because it sounds too good of a deal. All that stuff would normally costs more than 500 dollars (300 for console, 60 each for games so that’s 240).

    If it’s Euros, it’s still a good deal.

    If it’s Dutch, it’s a hell of deal.

    You might want to do some further research on that company if it will only accept cash. Any companies that will only take cash seems like a scam. With cash, you don’t have any way to recover your money. With credit cards, you can dispute a charge and recover your money.

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