ok so im trying to help my bro conected his xbox live and everything so far has coneccted exept for the ip adress!! it says “failed” every time we try to conect it!! already for 4 hours!!.by the way the xbox live we have is wireless!. ME!.SOS

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  1. ok if ip passes and live failsit is the modem. if ur ip fails it is the company u are buying internet from. the ip is not ur 360s prob so dont worry also ur modom is fine unless it is a morozolla modem does are not compatible with live. so call ur internet supplier and ask them what is wrong with ur connection.Trust me i own a console repair shop and seen this problom before. also u may wanna check with microsoft cuz i cant speak to u and see what is wrong from the info here the info i gave u is the best bet but u may not be saying everything so if u wanna be safe try calling 1800 4my xbox GOOD LUCK

  2. The router is not assigning an IP Address to the XBox, most likely.

    You need to check the router and make sure the DHCP server is enabled, and that you have an IP address to assign (sometimes routers don’t allow more than a set amount of devices to be connected to it).

    There’re alot of variables that could be the problem here. Directly connect the XBox to a port in the router, if at all possible, and see if it pulls an IP that way. If it does, this is in your wireless settings. Either way though, the issue is probably based on your Router.

  3. If you’re going straight through the modem and not through a router, this problem will arise. Best bet is to buy a router – connect the cables accordingly – and voila, xbox live

  4. Make sure the settings are on “Automatic” instead of manual.

    I fought with my Xbox for a bit and then thought to check might also try resetting your modem and router. You know, the ‘unplug them for a few’ trick.

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