Advanced Warfare: Matchmaking & Connectivity Updates!

Advanced Warfare: Matchmaking & Connectivity Updates!


Advanced Warfare: Matchmaking & Connectivity Updates!


  1. In Black Ops 3, those who do not pay for Supply Drops and open only Common drops usually only get camouflages. After awhile, it gets really boring and unrewarding. So, I head back onto Advanced Warfare (started on Xbox One, now have to rank up all over again on PS4) and I am really enjoying the Supply Drop system – getting 3 Every Game! There is more content than ever in Advanced Warfare. Hopefully they continue to update their game after the next is released so that Call of Duty can be polished and perfected.

  2. ok I see all these people still being able to connect to matches but I am having no luck, even having deleted DLC and reinstalling the game

  3. If I unninstaled that game and now I wanna instal again… Do I will have all my weapons and skins?

  4. I had more fun on AW than i have ever had on BO3….connections on BO3 are disgusting !!! the lag is a fucking joke.

  5. Hey guys, could any of you let me know how many people still play aw on ps4? I'm thinking of getting it

  6. advanced warfare was fun until everyone stopped playing.
    now i can't find any people to play against so i got bo3 and honestly its not as fun

  7. starting watching you before 100k, just came back today to see whats going on. Congrats on a million, and love the AW vids

  8. You do realize a common sd is better than the supply drops they give you in AW and they take less time to earn

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