AFL Evolution – Main Menu & Modes Gameplay Notion

AFL Evolution – Main Menu & Modes Gameplay Notion


AFL Evolution Gameplay Notion of Main Menu, Single Match and preview of modes

This video is purely fan-made and I have no connection with the teams of Wicked Witch Software, Tru Blu Entertainment or AFL Evolution.

Just a little project I’ve been working on for a few months now. I started it before AFL Evolution was announced, however I slowly gained inspiration after the first leaked announcements of the game. This video is heavily inspired by the Gameplay Notion videos made by ElementGames. I made other pieces of artwork like conceptual covers and other things of the sort, so if people would be keen on seeing these other pieces I worked on I’d be happy to put together a video of them all.

This isn’t a complete version of my original concepts and ideas, however I wanted to produce as much into one video with the highest possible quality before more details of the real version are released. If people would like to see me show more in specific areas, such as show my conceptual screens for Manager Mode and Mission Mode, please let me know in the comments and I’ll start work on them.

Suggestions, ideas and criticism are all welcome and will help me to improve in my future content

Logos and images: AFL, Wicked Witch, Tru Blu, AFL Evolution
Music: AFL Club Songs & Instrumentals of the songs “Centuries” (Fall Out Boy) “I Would Like” (Zara Larsson) “Cheap Thrills” (Sia)

AFL Evolution - Main Menu & Modes Gameplay Notion

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  1. I love how they did in the maneger mode you can swap the captain so you can be on a team that isn't your favourite but with your captain and coach

  2. u no how i knew this was fake no way would nat fyfe ever make cover of the game he just as useless as rest of freo complete joke of a team

  3. Great inclusion to have the old premiership sides in to hope that is a feature in the real thing

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