are there any ps3 jailbreaking programs that actually work?

are there any ps3 jailbreaking programs that actually work?


Someone please help me out with this! I know someone will be able to answer it. Can someone please just give me the link to a program that will jailbreak my PS3 (firmware 4.40) properly without any problems and most importantly of all – DOESN’T REQUIRE ANY FALSE SURVEYS, MY MOBILE NUMBER OR A FRIGGEN PASSWORD? I’ve looked up so many videos on youtube and pretty much all of them either require i fill out a survey and 9 times out of ten when i go to enter in the verification code it doesn’t even work, or it asks me to enter in my mobile number and then in tiny little text says in doing so i agree to take out a $10 a week subscription (been there before and they never let you out of it. only thing you can do is change your number) or it asks for a password which no one seems to friggen know!! I’ve even gone to the trouble of trying to download software that bypasses passwords and the exact same thing comes up – surveys, mobile numbers, passwords. yarda yarda :(

Surely someone out there must know where i can download a legit 4.40 PS3 jailbreaker that will simply extract the required files without any strings attached or if you know a good one but it has to have the god damn password (or 2 or 3 passwords as some do) then please give me that link with the password(s) i need. The first person to help me successfully i’ll send a cookie as my show of appreciation 😀

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  1. Sorry mate there is no 4.40 cfw avaliable only 3.55 you can use a trueblue dongle I heard that helps you play new games didn’t tried it but saw it on youtube two guys doing the update on ps3 and after that playing dark souls and some other new games that works on higher than 3.55 I don’t think I want a cookie if that helped just choose this as best answer

  2. There are jailbreakers that work, but you have to be at 3.55 or earlier.

    If you’re already running something after that, then there is no software jailbreak. The surveys are there to waste your time and make somebody else some money. That’s it. If there really were something that worked, it’d be easy to find because the news about it would be everywhere.

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