Can i use a flash drive as xbox 360 memory?

Can i use a flash drive as xbox 360 memory?


i have an xbox 360 with a 64mb memory card and i need some more. i have a bunch of 4gb flash drives that i don’t use, is there ANY way at all i can use them to store saved games, maps etc.

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  1. No, you’ll need to purchase a proprietary XBOX MEMORY MODULE.

    I don’t know if anyone has tried to set up their XBOX for MEDIA CENTER, then from the host PC manually read the XBOX as a DRIVE and drag DLC to another media storage. I doubt it would work but that’s about the only way I could think it’d be possible to use a flash drive as XBOX storage. BUT. even if that worked you would still be forced to use the desktop / laptop to manually drag the content back and forth. DLC and Gamer Profiles are NOT automatically recognized by the XBOX dashbard. only proprietary mem modules.

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