Deliver Us The Moon E3 2016 Demo | KeokeN Interactive

Deliver Us The Moon E3 2016 Demo | KeokeN Interactive


Deliver Us The Moon E3 2016 Demo | KeokeN Interactive


  1. Two thoughts, I don't know if these things have already been explained somewhere else:
    1st) What's going on with gravity? It seems to be different from 1/6G that I (kind of) expected. 2nd) At the moment I'm not sure about the concept of the storytelling. I notice a lot of buttons are being pushed, sometimes they don't even look like buttons, they just resemble the same concept. I just don't understand why they are pushed.
    Aside from that, it looks very promising.

  2. This looks pretty interesting, now I'm wondering how I missed you lot at Gamescom :)
    Apologies, I'm going to spam you an invite to an interview!

  3. I loved the Demo, got my hands on it at Gamescom 2016 and it was awesome. Ran so smooth and looked absolutely gorgeous. cannot wait to see the final product guys.

  4. Just discovered! Impressive and I really hope we'll talk again, about the next goal, when it reaches 300K :)

  5. Hey guys, great work! I can't wait to play the new demo! 😉
    But I have a question, can You please do something against these shiny lights? Especially ASE shines too much in my mind. But thats just my oppinion. Keep going! C:

  6. I love how the music dampens when going into zero gravity. And if I might add, I think the stars in the beginnin scene look too big. I think smaller would be more realistic.

  7. This will be a epic journey for us all! Emotional and exciting.
    It will blow us away…I feel it!^^

    1000 times thank you to KeokeN<3

  8. Why are the doors on the moon opened by a gun? Is there a reason for that or just because it's cool? btw, looks really nice!

  9. Just gorgeous!

    You said before that we might get another demo key this month. Is that not happening now?

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