Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Before You Buy

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Before You Buy


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Before You Buy


  1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is just like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
    it's kinda more like a next gen or a DLC
    Or a major update
    same story line little bit of changed details little text changes
    oh they changed some character customization choices
    oh great
    i'm not gonna shit on DBX2
    i'm just saying are you really gonna throw you character that you made in the original game just for some graphic changes and some patches
    it's cool to have if you didn't buy the original game
    but other than that it's not really worth it
    maybe in DBX3 they will add something else
    like a new story maybe uhh better gameplay
    alot more customization

  2. all I want to know is can you upload 2 of your created characters in local(1st player v 2nd player) vs mode(off line).

  3. does anybody want to gameshare xenoverse 2 for last of us remastered? The multiplayer is dope let me know serious offers only

  4. gameranx sorry for asking but could you do one of these for far cry 4, you do have a primal though but I want to see the 4

  5. In my sole opinion I think the xenoverse series needs to take a few things from other db games like;
    1) some of the what if fusions from db fusions like karoly, natz, bargeta/vardock, tiencha, etc.
    2) a legitimate storyline like ultimate tenkaichi. xenoverse 1 had one, but xenoverse 2 was just a recycled version of part 1's.
    3) more customization options like the ones from db online, db fusions, and ultimate tenkaichi. referring to hair styles, clothing, and more variety of moves.
    4) more what if transformations like ss 1,2,3 of goten, trunks, raditz, nappa, etc.
    5) more characters with different moves. a lot of moves are duplicates or recycles in xen 2. some characters to add like king vegeta, broly's various lss forms, tarble, adult gotenks, new buu absorb forms, androids 19 and 20, great ape transformations, dabura, baby vegeta, uub and majuub, and plenty others.
    6) for the love of God spike ss hair lol.
    7) get rid of future ss and replace with legendary ss, add ssg and ssgss for cac, maybe add majin mode for all races, give humans master rochi's buff transformation, give frieza race actual form transformations, give buu race super buu transformation and absorb ability. they could absorb mentor or random character. give nameks fused and synced forms, and make frieza race's golden form god level in power like it was for frieza
    8) improving ally cpu ai. they are absolutely useless even though enemy ai is amazing. also some characters are much weaker than their anime counterparts, like broly. maybe add a create a super soul system. some character builds don't have many good super souls.
    9) lastly, add a bit more options for clothes like color changing and removing or changing emblems, adding damage feature to clothes, and adding different fighting styles and grabs for each race.

    thanks for reading.

  6. I haven't played the game yet, so obviously this is premature, but it just looks like a relatively large patch for the first game. Am I wrong?

  7. To be honest in terms of fighting budokai Tenkaichi 3 is much better then xenoverse 2 but everything else i prefer xenoverse 2. The main things l don't like in xenoverse 2 is the Target lock on and using supers on computer controlled characters extremely hard to land after you reached a certain point in the story mode . If the developers used the same or similar fighting system as budokai Tenkaichi 3 and made xenoverse 2 game play, graphics as one game and everything else Xenoverse 2 would be much better in my opinion

  8. this whole comment section is i wish they would make a Budokai Tenkaichi 3 remake or Budokai Tenkaichi 4. try out the game first.

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