Dre’s F1 2015 Game Review (Xbox One)

Dre’s F1 2015 Game Review (Xbox One)


Dre's F1 2015 Game Review (Xbox One)


  1. No safety car. So they can put it on the 360 and ps3 but can't on next gen. Their starting to tear parts out the game. Pro season in my opinion is a mode that very few will use.

  2. Well said Dre…I give this game rating this game like same point as yours 4.5/10 for me Good AI is not some thing that can be so important in recent years! I mean that should have good AI in few years ago not in 2015 so that you can't count it.
    really disappointed with CodeMaster as soon as they release the 100 patches I doubt people will get bored soon…

  3. I would love to see a MotoGP 15 game review seeing that it is a way better game than F1 2015. Shame is, I don't think that it will be released in the US.

  4. I bought this game on Monday and so far my racing experience has been Fine (As you can tell I haven't touched online ). However the game feels like they gave up half way through the making of this game. The glitches are unacceptable, I mean come on how hard is it really to fix things like not getting stuck in second exiting the pit lane?! I love the core gameplay and the AI are good to race against apart from blue flags, they change direction a lot. Another thing is that in one GP in my championship season one of the Force India stopped 7 times!

    You got that review spot on Dre. I'd love a motogp 15 review

  5. The game's assets have to be signed off at some point. The game having a day 0 patch – or, rather, a millisecond 0 patch – should've tipped you off to that, as otherwise they could've just put Manor in the game itself rather than in the patch. That said, given CM's history of giving up on games within a couple of months of releasing them, there's almost no reason to trust them when they say that they're going to release several patches and fix the game. As much as you're right on most accounts, the whole nature of game development and software engineering, as well as FOM being ridiculously limiting as they are, mean that Codemasters genuinely could not have avoided some of these issues.

    Considering how much better DiRT Rally is, I would really not be surprised if they just gave up on the license very soon. Some companies just aren't cut out for yearly releases, especially when you add company restructurings, laziness and a lack of enthusiasm, next-gen code rewriting, a rabid fanbase (though, honestly, no less rabid than the terrible simracing playerbase, which is even worse than Dota 2's community) and a ridiculous overseer in the form of FOM to the mix.

    If Reiza were better at marketing Game Stock Car Extreme and focused a bit on helping pad users, that game alone could very, very easily topple anything CM have put out so far, as well as the likes of PCars, even without having anything in the way of 'presentation'. Just giving people options and not having a broken game would already bring a large number of people in, especially the now-infuriated CM multiplayer base.
    CM and FOM are deluding themselves if they thought this mindbogglingly boring and unvaried joke of a 'broadcast presentation' style that they went with would keep people interested when it does nothing to compensate for the game's extreme shortcomings. The very fact that there are no driver changes, contracts, realistic car developments and upgrades or anything else besides the actual driving that might influence a usual F1 season make the presentation a complete waste of time and something that just pisses off the Career Mode fans even more, and hell, a lot of those aren't even CM's fault because there's no way FOM would ever let them implement such features if they're not even letting them make a proper damage model for fear of 'making the cars look bad'.

    I also just have to wonder what they were thinking with some of their decisions. They tried Pro mode once before, in GRID. How exactly can they even remotely hope to get away with justifying the removal of Career Mode on the fact that 'not enough people played past the first season' when they went on to reintroduce one of the absolute most pointless and avoided features in their entire game development history?

    I still fully expect to get several hundred hours out of the game once I'm finally able to play it, since I'll probably be doing full 100% races of both the 2014 and 2015 seasons, but at this rate, the only people who will still be playing CM's games are ridiculous people like me who aren't anywhere near good enough to use even a G27 in a pure sim.

  6. I'm really starting to believe people just need to stop buying/pre-ordering stuff blindly based on hype. How many games lately have come out with flimsy, thin, often unfinished features? Destiny and The Order 1886 were criticised for lack of content, PCars was criticised for feeling unfinished and buggy, same with Driveclub, and now F1 2015. There's absolutely no excuse to take out features that existed in previous games on consoles with less power – asking us to pay more for a lot less features is disgraceful and insulting. 

    Pretty much there with you Dre from what I've seen from the game. Hell, most of these points could apply to Gran Turismo 6 on past-gen. Haha.

  7. I agree 100% with the final score given here. The game's driving mechanics are excellent, the presentation is nice and the AI perform much better but the rest of the game is so buggy that it looks like it's barely past a beta stage of testing. If codies released a multiplayer beta, say as a pre order bonus and held back full release until these bugs were fixed we'd be looking at the best game in the franchise, period.

  8. Codemasters need to fix this game. I mean, how did they miss a bug that puts you into 2nd gear coming out of the pots and not have the ability to go back up the gears. Like you said, the game was delayed, with the way the game is now, imagine what the game would have been like if it was released on the 12th of June. This is a disappointment and Codemasters should be ashamed that they released a game this bad. I found Pcars bad at first, but this game is on a new level of bad. My rating… a very sad 5.5/10 like yourself, Dre.

  9. I'm loving the game at the moment because the cord gameplay and racing with the AI is so fun. However I can see that this may not continue. You need that gradual progression in career mode to keep yourself invested in the game and with championship season mode being a one season thing I can quickly see the fun wearing away. Hell I'm half way through a season with Raikkonen and I'm already getting bored of the mode. I believe F1 2016 is codemasters final F1 game under their current licence. That game HAS to have more content and HAS to be complete at launch for them to have any chance of it selling well and them retaining their licence. That said this game debuted at no1 on the UK sales chart up around 400% from 2014s first week sales so it remains to be seen whether codies will keep their licence. Btw Dre great review :)

  10. I think 'Pro Season Mode' should've been an additional option to 'Championship Season Mode' and kept 'Scenario Mode'.

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