F1 2016 Gameplay: Wheel vs Controller

F1 2016 Gameplay: Wheel vs Controller


F1 2016 Game: Wheen vs Pad at Silverstone
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F1 2016 Gameplay: Wheel vs Controller


  1. I drive whit the pad whitout any assist. After a long time you can drive really well. Sure the wheel is better.

  2. Think it's pretty personal, I didn't like the wheels tbh, then again could be a bad wheel…

  3. I'm saving up for a thrustmaster Ferrari red Legend but my current setup is not a wheel it's not a controller what is is a 2001 Sidewinder Precision 2 joystick it took a lot of finagling to make it work with the crew and it's super unorthodox to use but I like it more than controller personally PS I'm telling the truth

  4. its easy, set sensitivity to 0, and learn to ease the analog, the triggers feel natural. also if your pc gaming, get a wired controller, i suggest the logictec chilstream, its weird but works great with rbe and gtr 2

  5. Even with traction control on medium, i struggle too much with the pad. I can't figure out how to change the sensitivity on the triggers for brake and throttle, the slightest touch equals to 100% throttle/brake.

  6. On the pad, have wanted a wheel since I was 8 but I have never had the money for a decent one :/

  7. I used to play Gran Turismo and stuff back in the days and I still enjoy racing games but I just can't play with pad anymore. I just don't see a point playing driving game without wheel so now I'm waiting until I get a job and can buy a proper setup.

  8. I would love a wheel but cant afford it I played F1 2015 and liked it with the pad is 2016 playable with the ps4 controller?

  9. Ben, can you post your wheel settings please. I've been trying to use my T500 and haven't been getting anywhere with it. I feel gamepad users have a huge advantage for some reason. I just applied for a Steam refund but I don't know if I'll get it after 10 hours of game time. Help a fella out will you?

  10. I don't understand how you can compare a wheel with a controller in a F1 racing game. The difference is like earth and moon.

  11. I've got problems with severe understeer when using a controller, anyone knows how to fix this? In previous F1 games there were no issues

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