Gal✯Gun: Double Peace – Live Let’s Play Gameplay #1

Gal✯Gun: Double Peace – Live Let’s Play Gameplay #1 [English, Full 1080p HD]


Gal✯Gun: Double Peace - Live Let's Play Gameplay #1 [English, Full 1080p HD]

Gal Gun: Double Peace PS4 Gameplay


  1. I've watched many videos where they did not take out the opening music like dagan ronpa. They didn't get any copyright claims yet.

  2. So basically if you bought this game just to stream it with ps4 YouTube share feature It wouldn't work right…

  3. My sweet Lord… why didn't this exist some 10 years ago? My teen self would've surely appreciated it, lol.

  4. Man I thought conception 2 and disgia 5 was weird and I would not even know this game series existed if not for mighty gunvolt and this looks like a good game I think I mean £45 is a bit much but considering I like wired games i might get this and I have never played an on rail shooter outside of an arcade

  5. nice video… so, do you like the game ? how do you rate the game on the scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) ? thx

  6. ahhh comment more! When you talk it was funny but so many long stretches when you don't say anything!

  7. Hi friend, I have a question
    Although it is the European version,
    If you use in options do you have Japanese language option for texts?

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