GameSpot Reviews – Silent Hill: Downpour

GameSpot Reviews – Silent Hill: Downpour


GameSpot Reviews - Silent Hill: Downpour


  1. This game is about thee most tragic thing since metal gear solid 2. The ppl who made this game obviously knew a lot about creating atmosphere and a good looking levels but gameplay is where they fell flat on their face. They obviously don't know what fun is made of. It's next to impossible to find your way through these levels. I found myself looking up the next move in online walk though every step of the way. The combat system sucks.There are only 2 buttons, block and attack. As soon as an enemy starts swinging at you the block button is disabled until your hit. The enemies can block you even if they are stumbling zombies. And the voice acting is really unconvincing. The game looks great and plays awful. I'm returning it to gamestop because I just got tired of having every jumpscare ruined by not knowing what to do or where to go and having to look it up and fighting Kung fu zombies with shitty controls. Hell streets of rage for the sega genesis was a better fighting game

  2. I liked this game, I thought it was pretty good especially in the later levels. the atmosphere and level design was good. I give it a 7.5 to an 8. more weapons, guns, more and better enemy design and this game would've been even better, those are the only flaws I had with this game. it isn't better than the first 4 games but it was a good game in its own way.

  3. Heavy metal music on the soundtrack in the games totally ruins the games scary factor. they should have stuck with how they made the first games. …

  4. boringg… 20 hours of running in the dark looking for clues yawns remake manhunt or lollipop chainsaw 2

  5. Decent enough Silent Hill game
    Worth like $10 or less
    Also surprised this game is 3D for all the 5 people that still use that lol

  6. What kind of people would still live in Silent Hill… adds to the confusion of psycho locals

  7. I just bought this yesterday for $14. Long time fan of Silent Hill 1-4 and have never played a newer generation one. I'm enjoying it so far. It definitely has a creepy factor when in buildings and the soundtrack is very creepy.

  8. SH1 was great but very very old requires a reboot
    SH 2 the best by far still it could use a reboot
    SH 4 had an amazing idea behind it could use a reboot

  9. Aside from the shitty theme song, and terrible performance issues. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the story and overall liked the game. Fuck me amirite!?

  10. It started out pretty bad and boring but there were some redeeming qualities later in the game that screamed Silent Hill. A lot better than Homecoming.

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