GTA 5 – 17 NEW Features in GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox...

GTA 5 – 17 NEW Features in GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One! (Facts & Info)


GTA 5 - 17 NEW Features in GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One! (Facts & Info)

GTA 5 Next Gen: 5 New Things in GTA 5 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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  1. wait what…. neon lights!, people wanted fucking neon lights oh he'll nah, this game better have more car customes features

  2. I feel mad for my fellow last gen members who never had the great experience of nextgen

  3. Why couldn't they just of added all this shit on old gen? Oh I know why!! Because they want to rip everyone off of $400 for a game that they supposedly call "next gen" when they haven't even fixed the old then. Rockstar is basically blackmailing all the old gen players and saying they'll get treated like shit if they don't buy a $300+ console and an over priced $60 piece of shit game that I've already bought. Not everyone has $400 just laying around like all the fuckin spoiled rich kids do.

  4. this is great but how are you supposed to get a next gen console if your poor because of the greedy ass government

  5. At 3:18 it shows a redwood gauntlet and a burger car those cars came out in cunning stunts which was in July 2016 how do they have those pics if this was made in 2014?

  6. Also recently:

    Freemode events
    Time Trials
    Rockstar Editor and Director Mode
    Lowriders/Custom Classics
    Benny's mod shop
    Halloween Surprise
    Executives and Other Criminals
    Stilt Apartments and Apartment Styles
    Further adventures in Finance and Felony
    Gun lockers
    Cunning Stunts/Stunt Race Creator
    Stunt Races
    Premium Races
    Motorcycle Presidents
    Motorcycle Clubhouses
    Clubhouse Modshop
    Six property slots
    Import Export
    Three 20 car office garages
    Custom Auto Shop
    Vehicle Warehouses
    Special Vehicles
    and tons of new cars, Pegasus vehicles, game modes, weapons, clothes, masks, tattoos, hair/face-paints, actions, and so much more

    Still not missing out, right?

  7. I can get a PS4 because I have a lot of money in my bank. But the only thing I don't understand is how can I transfer my account to PS4 from PS3! What exactly I need to do in order to get my account transfered to Next Gen!

  8. Sorry.. I never bought GTA nor have been interested in it. So please retract that statement of "Everyone in the world has it, it's like.. almost law."

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