GTA IV where are the hookers and is it safe to do...

GTA IV where are the hookers and is it safe to do cheats?


on xbox 360 where abouts are the hookers nd is it ok to do cheats cos on some games cheats can stop certain things happening like some missions wont work

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  1. Cheats are ok to use but they stop you from unlocking certain achievements, so make sure you get those achievements before you use the cheats. Hookers are found allover at night i’ve seen a lot down where you take brucies cars to.

  2. hookers are everywhere at night,just blast your horn and she`ll come munch and bounce on your tootsy pop for $70 all found ha

  3. cheats disable certain achievements so what i do is i play the main game and if i get bored i use cheats to go on a rampage – as long as you dont save its no biggy

    as for the hookers im not sure if they spawn in any specific place but they best way to find them is to watch how they walk. hookers generally swing their arses around

  4. Cheats are safe but you loose some achievmentsand you can find hookers at night standing on a corner looking sluttyxD just beep the horn and they’ll come over

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