Hi I have a ps3 slim and I have bought it to...

Hi I have a ps3 slim and I have bought it to use it to another place but the tv is old?


The hdmi cable dose not work I have a service port on the tv and I bought the right cable for this which is a 15 pin cable with an hdmi on the other side which goes in the computer but it does not work. So I have tried different stuff but still nothing I was wondering if someone can help the tv is a lg xd engine slim as I said very old, any help would be gd thanks

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  1. The older your lg tv the less user friendly, compatibiliy.Altho you shoukd not have any problems. Try another hd cable?Try setting the ps3 to default settings or a setting that tv can see?Go to settings on old lg tv and make sure its set up to be compatible with your ps3 slim?

  2. this is a bad suggestion but you could use regular vga. Meaning the red yellow and white cables. You won’t get crystal clear picture like with HDMI but at least it will work.

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