how do i connect second controller to xbox 360?

how do i connect second controller to xbox 360?



  1. 1. Add or check batteries.

    2. Push the round button in the top middle of the remote (should be blinking green.) for 3 seconds.

    3. Turn on Xbox.

    4. On the Xbox tower, there is another arrow button below and to the right of the on button, press that for 3 seconds.

    4 On the top of the remote (by where you would plug in a cord) there is a tiny round, black button press that down for 3 seconds.

    This should work. Good Luck!

  2. When the Xbox is on just hold down the big middle Xbox button and it will connect. If u received the controller from someone else who has used the controller on their Xbox (or the controller has been used on another Xbox, or it’s just not connecting), if this is the case; there is a little button on the top on the controller that is the same color of the controller, it barely sticks out. So have ur Xbox on and turn on the controller with the middle button, then click the little button on the top and u will then c all the lights going off in a circle (this means it’s looking for an xbox to connect to), after u click the button on the controller go to ur Xbox and u will find the same button on the front, click that and ur Xbox lights will do the same as the controller, and then the xbox and controller connect and it’s officially connected to ur Xbox.

    Sorry it’s long, I’m not the best at explaining things.

  3. find the sync button on the xbox and on the controller then connect the controller like it was conected and press the sync button on the xbox and the controller. Hope i helped

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