how do i set up a xbox 360?

how do i set up a xbox 360?


i just got a xbox 360 but idk how to set it up? plz help

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  1. plug in all the cords and make sure everything is plugged up. then turn it on. Simple as that.

  2. There is probally a million videos of how to do that on youtube, but otherwise read the manual, and remember that if you have 4 flashing red lights, it just means that your av cable is’nt plugged in

  3. Put it in a safe place, I would say lie it down flat although some maintain it works better if you stand it up. Plug in the red, yellow, and white cords into the television. Plug the main power cord (with that giant brick) into the wall. Find the TV setting that the Xbox is displayed on (on my TV it’s Component 1, on my old one it was Video 2; it depends on what holes you plugged the cables into the TV.)

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