how much would I get for ps2 trade in at Game?

how much would I get for ps2 trade in at Game?


I have 11 games – The Sims and the Sims 2, Rayman Revolution, pirates of the Caribbean, Guitar Hero world tour, guitar hero 3 and guitar hero aerosmith, Disney Cars, and cars Mater-National, Disney Ratatouille and moto gp4, and also have the silver chunky playstation 2 console.

i am thinking of selling it all, and wondered if anyone knew where would be the best place to sell it, and how much I could get for all of this.



  1. the games you will only get about 25p each, yeah i said 25p each and the console about £10-£15

    thats from game or gamestation

    your beter off selling them on ebay in a bundle,, get more money

    i whent in a few weeks ago with a few ps3 games and the offered me £1 each for them,

  2. For the actual playstation you’d probably get around £20 trade and £11 cash (sucks i know) with all the games, your not looking at more than £7 trade for any of them =( and of course cash even less

    Gamestation always offer more, I work there

    My advice? Ebay, job lot them all, decide on a reasonable price you’d like for them and start an auction! Your guarenteed to make more money than putting it into Game, Gamestation or anywhere for that matter!

    Hope it goes well!

  3. They wont take any console unless its in the box, and unopened, and the games are worth about 10 cents a piece. gamestop doesnt give much money at all to people who sell past generation consoles and games. it would be better to sell to a friend, on craigslist, or ebay, or in the paper.

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