How to gameshare with the Ps3?

How to gameshare with the Ps3?


Please provide me with simple step by step instructions on how to game-share on the ps3. Thanks.

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  1. Well one PSN account can be used with up to 5 different PS3s or PSPs. You and your friend can share your PSNs and get each others DLC.

    What you do is create a new user and chose “use an existing account” option. Then you put in the other person’s info and log onto their account ( they must be offline) then you download whatever it is you want to share and log off, you never have to log back onto that account BUT you cant delete that account or you’ll lose whatever downloads are associated with it.

    After that you log back into your own account and you can play whatever it is you shared on your own account (as long as you dont delete that other account)

  2. Step 1: Don’t do it

    Step 2: Seriously, don’t do it.

    Step 3: Why? It’s in violation of Sony’s terms and will get you perma-banned from PSN.

  3. Add your master account onto another ps3 by going to Account Management. It will ask if you would like to setup a new account or if you’d like to use an existing account. Select use existing account. Put in all the info, self explanatory, then once you have that account up and running. you can now go into the Playstation Store and what you do is go to the “downloaded list” (items that you’ve already DL’d onto this account) and all of your previous DL’s will be available for you to snag on this other system. You can put your Account on up to 5 ps3’s at any one time.

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