How to hookup PS3 to Laptop?

How to hookup PS3 to Laptop?


Hello Everybody! I have a Sony Vaio with Blue-ray build(720p) in with HDMI out-put. I have a ps3 slim but No Tv in my house so I want to know if is possible to connect your Ps3 on my Laptop if yes what do kind of stuff i need to connect my ps3 on my laptop.

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  1. You can use a video/sound capture device that plugs into the computer via USB, but I’m not sure if you can’t get one for HDMI. (here’s one for example from an auction site [url is not allowed])

  2. A USB to USB might work, if not then I know you can do it to transfer media, i just don’t really know how. You might want to look on the website. I thnk if you use the HDMI to connect them your pc might be able to drag and drop.

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