I took my ps3 from an HD tv to a regular one...

I took my ps3 from an HD tv to a regular one and forgot to change the settings, is there anything i can do?


I will only be using the regular tv for this week and do not have access to an HD tv until next week. Is there anything i can do to change the settings some other way so that i will be able to play games this week.thanks in advance

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  1. Put your PS3 onto stand by and press the power button until you hear

    a series of beebs and then load your PS3 and it will have reset the audio and

    visual settings and you will be able to choose your composite and it will be fine

    Then do the same when u get ur HD tv

  2. yeah, ok this is what u do:

    1) Plug it in to the tv via component cable

    2) turn on your ps3 in standby mode (but dont push the red button)

    3) put your finger over the red light and KEEP IT THERE

    4) Keep ur finger over it until u hear 2 beeps (it shoudl go from red to green(beep*) to green again(another beep*)

    5) After this happens it should stay on (the light should b green) and it has just reset itself to fresh settings.

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