If i get an Xbox One will i have to buy Minecraft...

If i get an Xbox One will i have to buy Minecraft again?


look up.

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  1. probably but it won’t be the same version. i think they will have a more updated version of minecraft on the 1

  2. You can get Minecraft for free from this link: [url is not allowed]

    Minecraft provides a fun experience to play. The game is very educational especially to children. I like this game because it allows me to use my imagination and have fun with it.

    I hope it helps

  3. when i bought my latest xbox live (last weekend) at game they told me that all of your account should get transfered over to the xbox one so therefor the only thing that you might have to do again is download it on your hard drive considering that you’ve already purchased it

  4. They’ve already said that the Xbox One is not backwards compatible with the 360, so the current Minecraft will not work on the Xbox One.

    This means that you’d probably have to buy the Minecraft One version, especially since it sounds like it’s going to be a lot closer to the PC version in features rather than the more limited 360 version.

  5. The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will not work on the Xbox One, It is most likely that you will have to purchase Minecraft Xbox One Edition to play Minecraft on the Xbox One.

  6. Most likely, yes. On the Xbox one they’re going to have a more updated to pc minecraft with a higher player limit as well as many other thing they might not have on the 360. Its like you have to pay to play on PC.

  7. I sure u would have to. Its been said that the games for the 360 will not work with the Xbox 360

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