J Stars Victory VS – Review (PS3/PS4)

J Stars Victory VS – Review (PS3/PS4)


J Stars Victory VS - Review (PS3/PS4)


  1. this is on ps3 i want it as i have ps3 yet there aRE assholes who want a lot of money for it

  2. Downsides
    cannot copy save data to usb

    grammar is odd and has mistakes occasionally.
    luffy for example would never say swimmingly

    cannot move camera on world map so you can run into enemies below you

    vs mode had handicap but it stops at 140% should of had 160,180 and 200%

    the plot sucks

    when playing with 2 players in story mode you have to keep activating 2 player mode.

  3. whew glad i didnt end up getting it at full price. As a manga fan ill still give it a go when the price drops though

  4. thank god i didn't buy this on release lol! i was going to buy it on release then i decided to wait for a price drop, i bought King Of Fighters 13 instead :D.

  5. I platinum J Stars Victory Vs+ on PS3 love it has Custom Soundtrack play great Anime & Final Fantasy music on level's perfect example even during Victory Burst my music plays FFXII Esper Battle theme, which is perfect for Unleashing your Ultimates.

    My only complaint's are No Training Mode & Shitty Tutorial. I enjoy friendly matches the most but Arcade mode can be as hard as online mode to me.

  6. Anime dialogue is so fucking clunky and unnatural. 

    6:56"is your world pedestrian? Is your future a bore? Is your reality too frivolous?" 

    WTF is this? It sounds like something a pretentious community college freshman would write. 

    That's why I like Funimation's dubs. At least they make lines sound reasonably realistic. Yu Yu Hakusho's dub, for example, actually had some really organic dialogue. And,yes, I realize these are cartoons and expecting them to have lines that are able to be taken seriously sounds ironic but, for the most part, these shows actually have plots that the writers seem to want us to take seriously. They actually tackle some pretty adult subject matter from time to time. Western animation with similar subject matter, such as the DC superhero animated films, and even some of the Marvel ones, actually have lines that sound like they come from actual live action films. 

    Anime dialogue seems to get bogged down by two things:
    1) Sounding like a fucking fortune cookie because the writer tried to deliver deeper lines than they had any business attempting. (i.e, the line I quoted above)
    2) Placating the weebs by trying to retain the Japanese humor from the original version leaving all but that 0.2% of the western population scratching their head as to why exactly a 15-year old girl with jiggly G-cups yelling at an anthropomorphic cat is funny.

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