Just bought a ps3.any “must own” games?

Just bought a ps3.any “must own” games?


Hello all,

I just bought a PS3 after my xbox crapped out on me! I was wondering, what are some “must own” games? They do not even have to be exclusives.

I was thinking maybe Oblivion? I heard Skyrim is awful for the ps3.

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  1. I love me ps3 and xbox, but ps3 has better games.

    I recommend:

    -Spec-ops the line (great storyline, very emotional, awesome gameplay)

    -Ratchet and clack hd collection (these games were great on the ps2, and even better on ps3 3. You will spend many times playing these games)

    -Heavy Rain (this game will make you cry. This was one of my first purchases for ps3 and it it outstanding. This is not a game, it is a movie that will make you shed tears. Outstanding storyline)

    -Jak and Daxter HD collection (these games are the reason i play video games. They were the best games on ps2 and now perfect for the ps3. They have great stories and you will bond with each character. Outstanding)

    -Mass Effect series (these games are so awesome! You will bond so close to all of your characters and you will feel very sad if they die. By far the best RPG style games of all time.)

    -Uncharted series (i bought a ps3 for the uncharted dual pack. I had no idea what these games were about, but when i played i could not stop. You will never put the controller down ofr any of these games. If you bought a ps3 for Uncharted 2: among theives, no one would hate for that because these games are what make the ps3 the best console)

    Overall, all of these games are awesome. If you want a really good shooter get spec ops the line. If you want a game with an amazing story, get Heavy Rain. If you love open RPG’s get Mass Effect. If you want a game you will play 150+ hours, get Uncharted and Jak and Daxter. Both of these 2 games were made by Naughty Dog. They are currently working on epic games like The Last Of Us. CHeck it out.

  2. Don’t get Oblivion. Try Demons souls or Dark Souls for that kind of game.

    Since you are converted from Xbox, try some PS3 exclusives.

    Metal Gear Solid 4- Like one giant awesome movie that you control

    Uncharted Series-.just get it. Thank me later

    Infamous- Superhero game that gives you the choice of being good or evil

    Ratchet and Clank/Jak and Dexter collections- oldies, but goodies. Fun platformers

    God of War- sounds gruesome, but is a challenging piece of art

  3. Uncharted series is pretty good. If you like linear movie like game play. I would definitely recommend getting a Play station plus member ship as you’re first $50 purchase. You get to download free games and discounted games for ps3 and vita. Also right now it’s $12 music streaming membership from sony for 1 year if you are a playstation plus member.

  4. Don’t buy skyrim, it is bad for ps3. I really enjoyed God of War 3 and Sleeping Dogs. You can always give Demon Souls a try. Also if you like racing games, play Gran Turismo 5.

  5. ps3 exclusives

    Gran Turismo 5 – racing

    Uncharted series – platform/adventure game. Plays like Tomb Raider and looks like Indiana Jones

    Journey – i don’t know what game genre this is, but if your some sort of spiritual type of person you might find this game likeable

    God of War 3 – adventure game with greek mythology theme. great action tons of violence

    Metal Gear 4 – nice theatrical action game.


    Mass Effect series – sci fi space rpg. if you like rpg then you might like this one more so if your into Star Wars/Star Trek

    Batman Arkham Series – a must if your a batman fan

    Assassins Creed series – great open world game that focus on stealth

  6. god of war 3,Batman arkham city game of the year edition,bioshock and fallout series,also gta 4,Max pain 3,vanquish,little big planet 1 and 2,soul calibur series, resident evil 5 and 6,assassins creed series, and finally for good gamer purposes heavy rain and street fighter 4

  7. i own oblivion not very good and actually i have skyrim for ps3 its pretty good but i recommend MW3 or if you dont play those type of shooter games i do recommend infamous2 or the Uncharted series!

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