My ps3 controller charges, but doesnt connect to my/my sister ps3?

My ps3 controller charges, but doesnt connect to my/my sister ps3?


Alright guys, so yesterday I tried to play ps3, but i noticed that my controller wasn’t connecting. it charges, the lights blink every time i connect it with an usb cable (the one that came with the ps3). it isn’t even 4 months old. and this is the first time that this is happening. even if i plug the controller with the usb cable into the ps3 usb port, and try to connect it/ turn on the ps3 with the PS button, it doesn’t do anything.

Things that I’ve already done:

Reset the controller with the tiny button in the back of the controller;

Turn off ps3, plug the controller with usb cable, reset it, turn on ps3 with the manual button, click PS button, etc

Turn off ps3 from the charger (main cable) then turn on again and try to connect with usb cable etc.

Many things i’ve done, that i found in the internet, but none of them works.

Do you guys have any other solution?


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  1. Connect the USB to your sisters PS3 and plug the controller in. Then press the PS button and wait for the controller to turn on. When it turns on plug the controller from the USB and it should work.

  2. The only thing I can see you haven’t done is to do a Controller Reassignment; sometimes if you’re using 2 controllers on 1 PS3, or switching 1 between 2 PS3’s, it’ll get assigned as Controller 2 instead of the Primary (Controller 1).

    Use known good controller, then go to Accessory Settings>Reassign Controllers, and make sure the one you’re using is set to Controller 2. Then try connecting the other one again, which should be seen as Controller 1 if it works.

    While it’s at least worth trying, to be honest, if it’s happening between 2 known good PS3’s, the most likely issue is that the controller itself is bad. You didn’t mention if it’s holding a charge, only that it shows it’s charging. If it can’t connect via bluetooth, it’s possible the rechargeable battery is toast.

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