Nascar ’14 Cheat/Glitch

Nascar ’14 Cheat/Glitch


Nascar '14 Cheat/Glitch

NASCAR '14 Interface options/Paint Booth/game options


  1. Any way to use a clipboard, like in Forza, to create your own decals off the car first? Can't seem to find that, but maybe they just don't have it in this game.

  2. If you ever become youtube famous i will beat myself up for not adding you a while back on NASCAR…not saying you would've accepted the request but it might have been before you got 100 subs or so…idk can't remember how many subs you had

  3. 2013 Dover Autism Speak 400 should be 5 cautions, I went there and I was counting how many cautions at Dover it was 5.

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