Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty Speedrun Walkthrough (100%) – Chapter 2 Stockyards (All...

Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty Speedrun Walkthrough (100%) – Chapter 2 Stockyards (All Mudokon & Secrets)


Oddworld New 'N' Tasty Speedrun Walkthrough (100%) - Chapter 2 Stockyards (All Mudokon & Secrets)


  1. Always loved this game. The reboot looks great! Maybe I'll get it and actually finish this time.
    Some of those boards were soooo frustrating.

  2. I have been playing this game since….. 199whatever when it came out on the PS One. (Or Playstation as we called it back in the day). New & Tasty has features that make it easier and less frustrating but still a huge challenge. Thanks to you even easier, there were so many secret areas I had no idea about!!!!!

  3. Thanks for vid . I completed this all to end had half the muodkuns and got saved. but I didn't know that secret path in the steam! :) re doing again to complete achievements!!

  4. Thats so cool did anyone else notice zulag 5 in the background of one of the secret area with the train destroyed ?

  5. Fun Fact: as a slig, you can tell the mudokons to look out. The mudokons will duck and you can shoot freely.

  6. Following along on XB1 but still appreciate the video. You have a good VO for YouTube videos. Keep it up

  7. I am fucking stuck in the park were you go behind the steam that fucking hard always catches me

  8. hey man great vids very well thought out well explained and very simplified looking forward to more vids man good luck

  9. This games brings a lot of good memories Im so glad they made a remake back on the ps1 I found all the secret places n rescue all the mudokons but it's been many years since then thanks a lot for your videos they are been a huge help for me. I would really like to see a remake of their second tittle "Abe's Exoddus" Im sure you would love it too.

  10. You did know the Sligs can talk? When you control it you let it shout "Watch out!!" Any Mudokan in range will duck.
    Great walkthrough. In the old version you had to save 99.

  11. be still be in the first area pulling my hair where to find the rest of the Mudokon (never knew about the trap doors). game is pretty good, even as a do gooder in my history of gaming this only one i would opt in the bad ending where i kill all of them that are that dim and pathetic

  12. You should really play the originals. They were harder, much harder than this (e.g one shot from the slig's machine gun would end you) but the gameplay was sharper and, in my opinion, more enjoyable. I've completed Abe's Exodus about 20 times perfectly, its just so much fun I keep coming back to it!

  13. Hi mate ! I really Apreciate your videos, I did subscribe to your MGS 5 videos @ first place, but i'm a huge fan of Oddworld since the first era, I know it's old but actually to avoid the Sligs taking out your friends you can press down or left I don't remember to order to the mudokons to crouch and avoid the bullets when you possess them !

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