Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough

Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough


Official Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough


  1. Would be cool if everytime a warlord came back from death they got a health/damage buff or new ability.
    Also I hope they make the overlord fights really hard.

  2. This is amazing. I've been wondering about a sequel to SOM, and this looks absolutely fantastic, I can't wait to play through it many times!!!

  3. these looks like orcs from the hobbit, but i wanted more of lord of the rings orcs not these ones….

  4. Mmmhhh. Judging by the first game, I was so excited to play presumably the only game of the LotR series bearing such fascinating graphics, fighting mechanics, simple to use controls and thrilling story. However, i felt quite disappointed by the lack of the heroes of the lore such as Arwen, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and others as well as the fact that the fighting bored me a lot after spending quite a while which i was literally compelled to execute exactly the same combos over and over against enemies saying the same thing over and over when i faced each of them. The dialogs could have been various and enemy AI could have been much better. Game did not contain main characters from the movie series. Those three things prolly nullified all lovable features submitted within the game.

    Is there any change, improvement related to any of them?

  5. Too bad its not what actually happens in the game. The game itself is a massive downgrade from this.

  6. I bought shadow of mordor back in december 2013, iirc. Right after the ps4 came out and i got that. Been sitting in the wrapper since then. Finally popped it in and started playing games again and holy hell! This game is unreal. It's so much fun and you get to be a badass aafter unlocking the perks. I don't even have all epic runes yet and it's still a blast to play. Just about done with it. Played nearly every day over the last 3 weeks for an hour or 2. I look fwd to the sequel, definitely will be buying a copy

  7. Please keep the gatehouse "cinematics" and "cinematics" like the dead-eye on. And the fire guy. I have seen some gameplays that doesnt feature any of these. So please keep and dont cancel it.

  8. I wish they can put a demo of all the people so they can try like the demo.Or something like that

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