Original Xbox Live Dashboard + Moto GP

Original Xbox Live Dashboard + Moto GP


On April 15, 2010 Xbox Live for original Xbox Live games will be discontinued. I discuss the future of these games and take a look back at one of them. Also, in section 2, I take a look at the Original Xbox Dashboard and one of my favorites, MotoGP.

Original Xbox Live Dashboard + Moto GP


  1. I've never had the original xbox be I wish I did but I was to young to have a game system so…yea

  2. maybe if we are lucky they might bring the servers back online since microsofts doing OG Xbox backwards compat

  3. I really want an original xbox as I have the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one. It is such a shame Microsoft had to shut down the Xbox live servers. I don't see why they had to shut it down, lots of people played for nostalgia

  4. I miss 2003 good old days but boy how time flyies even thoe I was like 8 years old at that time and never new about Xbox live just played story mode

  5. was this the first console that had online service cuz PS 1-2 didn't have PSN wow I want to go back in the past I remember when my cousin had this gosh he was so fat and always played dead rising 1

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