PC or a new Xbox 360?

PC or a new Xbox 360?


My 360 broke a few months back and I’m trying to decide if I should buy a new one or sell all my games and just start gaming on a PC

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  1. I would go for a PC. It can do more than a 360, should last longer, games are cheaper if you buy new and if your into the whole pirating thing you can also download game torrents and play them with out having to mod your system (like with 360) and getting banned (like with 360)

  2. Xbobx 360 or PC both have problems and pros. PC is better choice because it can do more than 360 and the online gaming is free

  3. PC gaming sucks. I was never a fan of the controls and I hate the external game controllers. Also, if you’re looking for online gameplay, Xbox 360 is much better. 95% of PC gamers find some way to mod or hack compared to the Xbox Live hackers.

  4. i suggest gaming on a PC. there’s torrents you can download to get free games, for almost all games you can get user made content to make it better, and you will also beable to use it as a normal computer too. there’s more things you can do with a PC then you can with an Xbox.

  5. I think it’s personal preference.I have a 360 but I’m ordering a gaming laptop in the next month and after some research you really find they both have their pros and cons.

    For the 360 some pros are the initial cost, a good gaming computer is gonna start around $1000 but you still have a computer when all is said and done with. Computer games are much cheaper and almost all of them have really fun community made mods that enhance the gameplay.Another big bonus is the free online play.

    So to sum it all up I’d say the computer is the way to go if you have the extra money to get a good one that will play the games on the highest setting.if not I’d stick with the xbox

    Hope this helps :)

  6. even though im an xbox fan, i recommend a PC just cause there’s a ton more stuff you can do on the PC along with almost every game that the Xbox 360 has

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