Ps3 slim 250gb or Ps3 Normal 80GB?

Ps3 slim 250gb or Ps3 Normal 80GB?


Im going to get a Ps3 so which shall i get? Why and please name a few good games :) Thanks
Also I think its the Normal NON PS2 playing Ps3 :S But which shall i get please help! :@

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  2. Get a used one that can play playstation 2 games if you can find it. Otherwise just get the cheapest kind.

    The only good ps3 games are Metal Gear Solid 4 (don’t play it if you havn’t played metal gear solid 1+2), the uncharted series, and little big planet. The rest are third party titles.

  3. good games would be like

    modern warfare 2

    uncharted 2

    resistance 2

    zen pinball




    need for speed undercover


    cod world at war


    devil may cry 4

    gta iv

    i would say the 80 gb then pay 80 bucks to get a 320 gb hdd and upgrade it better then the 250 gb unless you really want the slim

  4. Well actually there are a few more differences between the two system than just backwards compatability. True, finding one that can play ps2 games is going to be like finding diamonds in antarctica. but it’s worth the look, if you can pony up the dough, cause it will be expensive. but if you already have a ps2 then it really doesn’t matter does it ^^. now it depends on what you want to use the ps3 for. When the ps3 first came out it was the nerds’ total jerk off toy. this thing was like a mini supercomputer. one of the really good things that it had was that you can install your own operating system onto the hard drive to run along side the ps3’s XMB. this is a really neat feature that the new slim does not have. also keep in mind that 80 gigs is not the end of the road. the hard drive is completely upgradeable. People are always like, but 80 gigs just isnt enough i’ll go for the 120. If you keep your hard drive clean 80 gigs will not be a problem, if you’re just messy with it then 120 won’t be enough. I just serviced some one elses ps3 and freed up 35 gigs that the owner didn’t know he had. any who, if you want the freedom to install another operating system on your ps3, i would go for the normal 80 gig, that feature has been removed from the slim line ps3’s. if you want a larger hard drive, just go buy one at ur local computer store, just make sure that it’s a 2.5″ bay sata drive, those are the only ones it will take, and to change it out just follow the guide lines on how to change your hard drive on the playstation official website. the biggest drive you can get for it right now is 640 gigs i think. at least that’s the largest i’ve seen.

    Some really awesome games are “Resistance: Fall of Man”, “Resistance 2”, “Killzone 2”, “Little Big Planet”, “Fallout”. most of these are FPS’s or RPGs. OOOH! Don’t forget Wipeout HD, if you’re into futuristic racing games.

  5. I would go with the 250g. The last 80g PS3 that was PS2 compatible was the MGS4 bundle. All of the other 80g models don’t play PS2 games. Really that’s the only difference, so you’re probably better off getting the 250g model.

    Some great games are. Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, Killzone.

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