PS3 slim or Xbox 360 slim?

PS3 slim or Xbox 360 slim?


I live in Malaysia and i finally saved enough to buy a ps3 slim or a xbox 360 slim , but all the xbox here in malaysia are modded and that means i cant go on xbox live and the manual update is a hassle plus the price is around RM 1500 – 1800 which is very expensive. The ps3 slim on the other hand is way cheaper with a cost of RM 1080 for the 160GB and RM 1200 for the 320GB and i can go online via the PSN and its free too! The only problem is the games , the games sold here are expensive which will cost me around RM150 a disc and there aren’t any pirated games for the ps3 , so what should i do?

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  1. I would not buy a PS anyway because they have an internal hard drive so if there is a problem with it it has to be repaired by Sony or some one who specializes in console repair. I got a 360 elite and had no problems with that. Regarding the modded Xbox i would try to either buy one from the Xbox website or buy one second hand from a seller in the UK or US where you can get one for around £50, i dont know what that coverts to in your currency but that is cheep here.

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