R.B.I. Baseball 15

R.B.I. Baseball 15 [Xbox One]


R.B.I. Baseball 15 [Xbox One]


  1. I hope XBOXONE users have fun with a 19.99 baseball game while I get my MLB THE SHOW 17 Jays franchise going on my PS4 PRO on my Sony Bravia 49 X800D 4K HDR televison #RBIBASEBALL 17 LOL LOL #XBOXONE(S) LOL LOL

  2. The fielding mechanics are impossible. The hitting is horrible. I bought it and I'm going to return it. I can't stand this game!!!!

  3. U seem like a real nice guy. Can i just ask 2 questions pls? 1- Is there another camera angle to pitch or hit, or is this the only one? i can't tell if it's a ball or strike. 2- is there auto fielding for guys who can't field like me? thanks

  4. +LaidBack Gaming You should not have chosen the Blue Jays as they are one of the best teams in baseball, their hitting is stacked. Also the Phillies suck. Play with the Yankees and choose the Phillies to play and you'll do a lot better.

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