Should I buy Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Collectors Edition?

Should I buy Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Collectors Edition?


Alright guys. This is a serious question!

I’ve been waiting for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Crystal Edition for months.

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Unfortunately by the time I knew which retailer has it. it’s already sold out (that’s in less than 2 weeks).

I can’t tell you how miserable I am :'(

BUT, there’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 Limited Collectors Edition in addition to that.

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So. what do you guys think of this one?

Should I get this?

Is it worth it?


  1. I mean both are good looking editions with sweet content. Come on man this is final fantasy youre talking here, one of the best game series ever made! Collectors edition looks better, but if you are a true ff fan, I would get both. Nuf said :)

  2. Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most recent games made by Square Enix, Personally I give it 3 stars for the fact that this game is not what you would expect of a FF tittle I have played classic final fantasy games over the years and I was pretty disappointed with this game in particular, althought this game is pretty fun at times, but sometimes you can get stresed out personally I liked the game only at the begining after a few chapters the game becomes rather dull and rather easy since it plays by itself witch I found anoyng but I do recomend players to give it a chance as a game but as a FF game is not worth getting you hopes to high.

  3. I also found out that u can’t preorder crystal edition online anymore.

    Try asking some staff at an eb games store, hopefully they might give some info to you, try waiting and be patient if no good.

    You should easily find one after release date, but if u want the steelbook case with DLC then you probably do need to preorder.

    Don’t worry there will be many other options open, eBay for example, it’s usually much cheaper than eb games and is factory sealed.

    If your choosing between normal, collectors or crystal edition, it’s really only yourself who can give the best answer. I personally love FF a lot and would gladly spend $150 for the game if I have to lol.

  4. It really depends on how much you like the game. If I like the game enough I always buy the collectors edition. I usually want the stuff it comes with. The environments video below may help you decide if you think you will like it enough to get the collectors edition. It helped me!

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